SewTreat Supports Upliftment Initiative with Turnkey Water Treatment Solution

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SewTreat Supports Upliftment Initiative with Turnkey Water Treatment Solution

Witbank, October: SewTreat was called on to supply one of their innovative biological waste water treatment plants to convert the existing septic tank system at the Siyabonga Africa headquarters to a fully functioning biological and eco-friendly waste water treatment system.


SewTreat have become well known for their innovative approach to waste water treatment. Their treatment plants use naturally occurring bacteria to treat waste water which results in the production of clean, recycled water that can be used for non-drinking purposes. Essentially, they are treating nature with nature – and this is what caught the attention of Siyabonga’s management who were seeking a waste water treatment solution as an alternative to their septic tank.


Based in Brakpan, Gauteng, Siyabonga Africa is a registered non-profit organisation committed to ending poverty in South Africa. Over the past 30 years, Siyabonga has empowered thousands of people to take charge of their own lives and destiny. Siyabonga works with a diverse group of people in need – from the most vulnerable to those who have the potential, but lack the opportunity, to become self-supporting.


“We were thrilled to have been approached by Siyabonga for this installation,” says SewTreat spokesman, Theunis Coetzer. “The synergy on this project was right on point from the start. SewTreat believes in the support and upliftment of every South African while producing eco-friendly products and treating nature with nature remains our mission. Now, we have helped a local organization doing amazing things in our community to also benefit the environment by making use of a biological waste water treatment plant.”


In moving away from the current disposal method using a septic tank, a more environmentally friendly solution to the treatment of sewage waste and waste water was achieved through the installation of SewTreat’s plastic above ground treatment plant. According to Coetzer, the installation of the plant has been completed and to date, has been working effectively.


For installation with minimal disruption, SewTreat found an innovative method of integrating the current septic tank into the new system. “We installed a manual screen at the start of the current septic tank system and then a pump sump after the septic tank which was fitted with feed pumps to feed the waste water treatment plant. The current septic tank was used as an anaerobic zone and the aeration, clarification and disinfection was installed in a roofed facility,” explains Coetzer.


SewTreat carried out complete construction and the testing of the waste water treatment plant at our premises in Witbank. The transportation of the plant to its final site and the full installation was completed in just five days. All civil and earth works at the site were conducted by local construction companies according to the required design.  According to Coetzer, the configuration of the system means that it can be effortlessly expanded in the future as Siyabonga’s business and operations expand and grow.


“This investment in SewTreat’s modular on-site waste water treatment facility ensured the responsible treatment and recycling of the waste collected. In order to achieve the highest possible water saving, Siyabonga will be installing holding tanks and re-using the treated water to flush toilets and for irrigation.  A total of 3’650’000L of water will be treated and re-used each year by this system alone,” Coetzer concludes.