2017 SPAR Women’s Challenge Paints Pretoria Coral!

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2017 SPAR Women’s Challenge Paints Pretoria Coral!

Pretoria: In March this year, the coral race t-shirts were revealed for the first time when entries opened for the first SPAR Women’s Challenge race of 2017 in Cape Town. Participants were immediately captivated by this vibrant shade. Heading into the Pretoria race, we delve into what makes this colour so special.


The SPAR Women’s Challenge races that take place around the country have a major race component in common – the colour of the race t-shirts. The past few years have seen green, pink, turquoise and purple being used as the official t-shirt colours and now for 2017 we have vibrant coral and it is proving to be the most popular colour yet!


“The decision made on the colour of our SPAR Women’s Challenge t-shirts is an important and difficult one. Colours have symbolism and meaning behind them and can depict personality and emotions. This is why each year the colour is carefully considered as that sets the tone for every race in the series for the year,” says Jerome Jacobs, Marketing Director for SPAR North Rand.


The main tone of 2017 has been heralded by many as being one of change and with this comes a sense of optimism and excitement – two sentiments that are in fact synonymous with coral. This according to Jacobs was a major deciding factor in the selection of coral as the official race colour for 2017.


Renowned hair and beauty guru, Hannon, explained the meaning behind the colour while speaking at the official race launch. “Every colour has a meaning and a certain feeling that it evokes. For instance, Red is associated with danger and passion, green with wealth and the environment, purple with royalty and spirituality and blue with communication and serenity. If we breakdown Coral, we find that it is the pinkish shade of orange,” he said.


According to Hannon, coral draws properties from both orange and pink and so it is associated with energy, excitement, optimism, health and socialising – a perfect fit for this year’s race theme, #BetterTogether.  “Coral is known for being the ‘social’ colour. When you wear coral, people engage with you and it makes you appear more approachable. Coral is definitely the magic ingredient for a great party!” he explained.


Hannon also noted that in beauty and makeup coral is known for being a universal colour that suits almost anyone. This is the idea behind a special ‘Coral’ lipstick by Hannon. The lipstick was introduced at the official Pretoria SPAR Women’s Challenge launch during which all the ladies present were asked to post selfies of themselves wearing this flattering product. “We feel that we have created something that will make all the ladies in Pretoria feel special. This shade will compliment any skin tone and is the perfect way for everyone taking part in the race to celebrate the spirit of positivity, enthusiasm and togetherness of this year’s race,” Hannon commented.


The 2017 Pretoria SPAR Women’s Challenge takes place on 5 August at SuperSport Park Stadium. The Coral lipstick will be available on race day from the Hannon while 50 lucky ladies will win theirs in a special giveaway. For more information on Hannon, or to get your hands on the lipstick before race day, visit www.hannon.co.za to buy it online for the price of R150.


To enter the Pretoria SPAR Women’s Challenge and get your own coral race t-shirt, visit participating SPAR stores or enter online by visiting www.sparladiespta.co.za. Stay on top of the latest race news and show your support by Liking the SPAR Women’s Challenge Pretoria Facebook Page and following @SPARladiespta on Twitter.