Angels of Grace Day Care gets a facelift with help of SPAR

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Angels of Grace Day Care gets a facelift with help of SPAR

19 July, 2017: The Angels of Grace day care centre was given a much needed touch-up today along with the addition of a sustainable vegetable garden thanks to the help of SPAR North Rand who helped fund the project in association with Groot FM.


Volunteers from Take Action, SPAR North Rand, Build It and Groot FM rolled up their sleeves to spend the morning repainting the centre’s exterior walls and interior playrooms. They also installed new taps and a new door for home of the centre’s owner, Sinah.


The projected was initiated as part of Take Action’s Mandela Day mission, with aim of giving time and much needed resources to local organizations or schools in need of a fresh coat of colour and some light renovation. Take Action partnered up with Groot FM who then decided to get SPAR North Rand on board – but after seeing the actual condition of the day care centre, SPAR realised that a more sustainable approach was needed.


“Groot FM approached us initially to sponsor the paint for the project but after realising the state that the centre was in we decided that there was so much that we could do,” says Annamarie Roets, Promotions and Advertising Manager for SPAR North Rand. “We decided, along with the three SPAR stores based in Hammanskraal to create a vegetable garden at the centre to provide a more long benefit for the community.”


Roets says that school staff, parents and community members were given some basic tips on how to maintain and expand the garden in future while the three local SPAR stores will continue to keep an eye on the garden and assist where needed along with a commitment to providing more in-depth education in the future.


SPAR North Rand in conjunction with Build It have also donated R20 000 towards the repainting of the centre and sent volunteers from Build It to assist with a few extra renovations needed for the centre’s plumbing.


Simon Bisset, North Rand Executive for Build It said the volunteer response to the project was overwhelming and in keeping with the spirit of community and giving back that Mandela Day is all about. “We had 60 volunteers helping out today and the total sponsorship from everyone involved amounted to R60 000. For a community centre like Angels of Grace, this is absolutely life changing!”


Bisset explained that each volunteer brought along goods to donate consisting of old clothing, food, and empty 2 litre plastic bottles to use in the construction of the vegetable garden. SPAR North Rand also brought along an additional donation of new tables and chairs for the children at the centre.