Train with the best: ASICS Definitive Guide to Buying New Running Shoes

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Train with the best: ASICS Definitive Guide to Buying New Running Shoes

Pretoria, 3 July: One of the official sponsors of the Pretoria SPAR Women’s Challenge, ASICS provides tips for buying a new pair of running shoes that are perfectly suited to your needs.


A good pair of running shoes is essential to your training and to your performance on race day – they provide the cushioning, support and stability you need to reach the finish line. ASICS understands that buying new running shoes can be tricky and they are here to put the fun back into finding your perfect pair.


With the SPAR Women’s Challenge Pretoria now just 8 weeks away, you might be thinking of treating yourself to a brand new pair of running shoes to help kick your training up a notch. Unfortunately, choosing the right pair of shoes is not as easy as simply walking into your local running store and picking the first pretty shoe that catches your eye. There is a lot more to picking a shoe that fits your running needs and style and make your running experience the best it can be.


To help runners find the right shoe for their needs, the ASICS expert has compiled the ultimate running shoe shopping guide


Clarify Your Needs:

Identify what kind of shoe you need based on what it will be used for. Do you take part in more trail running, road running or hiking, for instance? Also consider what sort of mileage you are hoping to achieve and communicate this to the shop assistant.


Use Past Experience:

Bring your old running shoes along with you if possible and be sure of the pros and cons of the previous shoe so the seller can attempt to alleviate the cons and better the pros of the shoes you used before.


Consider Your Stance:

Identify whether you are an over pronator or a neutral shoe runner. This can be done at one of ASICS’ Foot ID events or through a gait analysis at a specialist store.


Take Your Time:

Try on both a soft and firm shoe option and try spending at least five minutes walking in each shoe to get as good a feel as possible.


Size It Right:

Regarding size, you should normally have a thumb space from the end of your toe and the end of the shoe, this will help prevent the loss of toenails and as long as you don’t feel an uncomfortable amount of pressure on the sides of the foot then it should be fine.


Be Practical:

Make peace with the fact that the right shoe isn’t always the right colour. Also keep in mind that while wearing a brand new pair of shoes is one of life’s simple pleasures, race day itself is not the right time to wear a brand new pair. Try to wear in your new running shoes well in advance of race day.


Focus on Running:

It’s true that in theory you can run barefoot or even – for the brave – in heels. You also probably already have some tennis or leisure shoes at home. All these shoes might be fine for an occasional run here and there, but if you plan to pick up running as a sport you’ll soon realize a pair of shoes that were developed specifically for running will be the best investment you can make. Running involves a very specific and repetitive movement of the foot, from heel to toe and repeatedly bouncing your whole body weight up and down. The right shoes need to have the right grip and traction, they need to allow your foot to breathe and they need to be comfortable over a long distance.


Follow this guide and you are sure to be race ready! The Pretoria SPAR Women’s Challenge takes place on 5 August 2017 at SuperSport Park Stadium. Entries are available in participating SPAR stores and online. Visit for more information and online entries.